Ink & Metallics

My abstractions call the land and the sea to my mind. I love the way the ink carries and deposits the particulates of metal. This organic release allows for light to awaken the metallic elements as it strikes, ignighting the highlights. There is a sense of life, of breath that I find hard to explain in words or show with a photograph. The swirls can take on a 3-dimensional quality. They are best viewed in person, where nothing is hindering your experience.

On Acrylic

Raw organic luminescence is revealed as light filters under, across, and through the surface.

KWFA. standoff cropped.detail.SP.jpg

My acrylic panels are overlayed with a clear panel & secured to the wall with an aluminum standoff in each corner.

Origin #16, on acrylic 37x24 inches

On Paper

Subtle swirls of coloration mingle with shimmering gilding.

My works on paper are available loose or enclosed in glass, surrounded by an 8 ply mat & an understated metallic-toned wooden frame.

Source #10, on paper 20x26 inches

A selection of works available through Atelier Newport:

Works on Acrylic

Also available through Atelier Newport:

Works on Paper

A selection of works available through Candita Clayton Gallery:

Works on Acrylic