I find my visual voice within each medium, just as if they are languages of expression.

As a child, I frequently roamed the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I had my favorite stops along the way where I would stand nose to canvas with brushstrokes made by gifted artists long ago. Each artist's work recognizable by details within the style of their marks. Stepping back, I would let each work come into view, tiny details blending with the ones around to create each masterpiece. I have carried this game with me and pass it on to my viewers. I challenge you to interact with my art. Get up close- inches away and really look. What do you see?

I am proud to pick up the torch carried by my inspirations: O’Keeffe, Dali, Matisse, Cassatt, Monet, Picasso, and Kandinsky. Each adding their singular voice to the conversation of what art is through their bravery and experimentation, sharing their visions with the world-unafraid of exploring what is.

My exuberance for life fuels my artistic vision and impacts my work. My art is influenced by my love of nature, travel, fine art, as well as my years spent as an educator and as a graphic designer. I have a penchant for learning that pushes me further and a meditative side that balances this tenacity. I am a seeker, driven to share my love of the world with the world and it thrills me to create tangible spaces in which others can explore. ­

Love, Kate