I believe that deep down, we all have a hunger for space—timeless, limitless, and untethered to the frenetic constructs of the modern world. I create visual platforms to both satisfy and nurture this craving.

I believe that visual art picks up where knowledge leaves off. It is a separate form of understanding, more connected to emotion than words. In my practice, I straddle worlds, working at the cutting edge of technology with pixels and atoms, and as primitively as cave people, making marks and exploring with found materials. I am driven to create work that beckons viewers to see beauty in the wondrous. Welcome to my world.


My paintings are organic abstractions that transform with shifting luminosity.


I elevate reality through my photography work, blurring the boundaries of realism & abstraction.

Aluminum dye-sublimation adds a sculptural element to my planar creations.

Hidden within each is a love note: hope, wonder, restore, thrive..