Welcome to my world.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”   -Albert Einstein

The soul craves space for curiosity and imagination—timeless, limitless, and untethered to the frenetic constructs of the modern world. I believe that art picks up where knowledge leaves off. It is a separate form, more connected to emotion than thought. I create visual platforms to nurture this craving.


Ink & Metallics

My abstract ink works are a physical manifestation of my artistic process. I see them as documents of my letting go of self, opening to the possibilities, and allowing my art to unfold organically. I physically become part of the ebb and flow as I create. There is a strong connection to water, and it’s force for me.

They bring forth my memories as a child at the seashore watching as the tide made its way back and forth- each glittering wave leaving a mark upon the sand relating to or erasing what was left before- a timeless yet evanescent permanence.


My photographic works offer the ordinary in unconventional ways. I elevate paper, plastic, shadows, petals, metal, ice, by transforming their structure, form, and, scale.The three-dimensional quality of dye- sublimation adds an almost sculptural element to my planar creations.

The closer one looks, the more one may discover. Hidden within each artwork is a love note: wonder, hope, restore, extend, thrive... I offer these as a game of seek and find, a path to connect within oneself and my works.