Love Notes

Why hide love notes, a.k.a. positive messages?

If you have yet to meet me in person, here’s the skinny... I am happy. I err on the side of joy and love. As an artist, I want to impact the world in a positive way. My photographic works offer an opportunity for you to see common objects in a new way. This is a good start, but I aim to evoke feelings not usually associated with looking at fine art.

By hiding love notes, I encourage collectors to play, to connect with that child within themselves. By focusing on the hunt up close to the work, who you are to the rest of the world can fall away for a few moments. You. Are. Here. Now. Period.

Some search alone and in silence. Others search with support of others. Some eagerly await their success, while others fear failure. How do you feel when seeking? When the love note reveals itself- joy, celebration, congratulations follow, and perhaps an offering of support to someone still on the hunt. I love witnessing this positive shift in reality. It's good, clean fun, available to everyone.

A third piece of twisting reality can come in waves, later as you walk by the work. You may be a million miles away in your mind, lost in the past or the future, but that love note triggers in your mind and just thinking it, may cause you to shift into the present and perhaps to a more positive frame of mind.

engaged with viewers.jpg

What are you waiting for?

Get lost and found in my art.


whisperedhistoyry.closeup.katewilsonfineartJPG copy.JPG


I am happy to hide a love note that is special to you!

A few love notes:
peace  centered  positive  wonderful  honor  dignity  strength  await  rest  beam  explore  gird  brave leap  clarity  adventure  boundless  limitless  magnificent  unlimited  healing  dreams  courage  connection  solidify  bridge  cleanse  weave  join  hope  love  wonder  seek  joy  curiosity  breathe  dance  celebrate  open  lift  see  be  discover  create  blossom  reach  pause  share  play  imagine  bliss  dream  rise