Welcome to my world.

I believe there is a hunger for space—timeless, limitless, and untethered to the frenetic constructs of the modern world.

I create visual platforms to nurture this craving.

As a multidisciplinary contemporary artist, I straddle two worlds. I work at the cutting edge of technology with pixels and atoms, and as primitively as cave people, sliding liquid around with my hands.

The link between these disparate visual worlds is simple:  ME  

My eyes, mind, and body explore as I work in both forms of expression. I am curious and active, focusing on the interplay between color, light, and space, fine-tuning my aesthetic. 

Both disciplines satisfy my need to create works that can carry a viewer in, around, and through on a silent journey.


Ink & Metallics

Organic abstractions that transform with the shifting light, my abstract ink works are a physical manifestation of my artistic process. I see them as documents of my letting go of self, opening to the possibilities, and allowing my art to unfold organically. I physically become part of the ebb and flow as I create.

They bring forth my memories as a child at the seashore watching as the tide made its way back and forth-each glittering wave leaving a mark upon the sand adding to or erasing what came before-a timeless yet evanescent permanence.


My photographic works offer the ordinary in unconventional ways. I elevate paper, plastic, shadows, petals, metal, and ice by transforming form and scale. Dye-sublimation adds a sculptural element to my planar creations.

The closer one looks, the more one may discover. Hidden within each limited edition is a love note: wonder, hope, restore, extend, thrive... I offer these as a game of seek and find, where wonder and curiosity meet discovery and celebration.